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The Price You Must Pay

“Mama, I can’t be reading on an empty stomach. Have you forgotten that this is a <a href="http://&lt;!–Begin: HTML Code–>scholarship exam for goodness sake?“

I cried out in annoyance, desperately longing for food.

Mama glanced at me and never said a word. She continued marching on her sewing machine rigorously; it seemed the noise emanating from the old tired sewing machine angered my intestines as they squeezed vigorously in agony. In annoyance, I flung the scholarship exam preparatory book Mama had bought on installment from Mrs Titilola – the ever nagging, insulting Yoruba book dealer who derives joy from reminding her of her (Mama) debts anytime she passes by her shop.

One day, I asked Mama why she chose to buy that book from her knowing the kind of woman she was.

“She was the only person who agreed to sell that book to me installmentally. By the way, why are you concerned?” She answered soberly.

“But she insults you because of that common book” I responded pitying the poor woman who’s desperate to see her child succeed.

” Well, she insults me and not you. Time shall come when insults will turn to praises.” She had concluded and then, continued her sewing- the only thing she derives joy from doing.

Mama turned and gazed at the book I had flung away with it’s pages scattered, and sighed. I knew she was deeply angered because I could see it on her face. But that seemed to be none of my business because all I wanted was to eat.

Surprisingly, she smiled bitterly at me, and beaconed me to come closer. Without batting an eyebrow, I went closer her ready to receive a slap or the beating of my life; but when I arrived, she cuddled me to her bosom and wept.

” My child, I know it is your right to ask for food from your parents because that’s their obligation. I never brought you to this would to suffer, I am sorry there’s no food here to give you.” She paused and sniffed.

“I work hard everyday to make sure I give you and your four siblings at least two square meals a day with my tailoring and petty trading. It is not your fault if you ask for more because you deserve more. But, I want to advise you..” she held my face with her two hands and looked into my teary eyes.

“…in your quest for more, never throw away an opportunity to succeed. It is right to long for more but never be too desperate. In order to get some tangible things there are sacrifices you need to make which will pave way for those desired ambitions to come to pass. I sold a score high class wrappers gifted to me on my wedding, in order to buy this sewing machine, knowing fully well that one day, I will buy more than a dozen of those wrappers that took the lives of many women in my time. So, my dear son, nothing comes on a platter of gold. You have to deprive yourself of many things in order to achieve success. I know you want food, don’t worry, food is coming. Just be patient my dear son”

She concluded as we wept in each other’s arms. Hunger was gone.

Minutes later, I traced the book I disposed and picked it up like a treasure.

Mama smiled at me, this time, happily.
I smiled back in determination of a hopeful success.

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11 Proven Ways to Maintain a Positive Lifestyle

Living a positive lifestyle is necessary if you must attain that lifetime goal or purpose. It can be frustrating especially when you are surrounded by many people who think, speak and act negatively.


You may have tried keeping up with positive attitudes and actions that can gear up your positive lifestyle but failed to carry on.

Well, I have come with good news!

I am going to take you on a very profitable journey into the land of living a positive lifestyle. Below, are some proven tips that can help you develop and maintain a positive lifestyle most of which I practice as well.

Develop a Positive Morning habit

Getting up the bed on a positive side is a very crucial positive lifestyle you must adopt. So many people wake up every morning with the worries of yesterday; this makes them murmur and grumble over the new day which just began thereby canceling every atom of positivity.


However, you can choose to be the difference by adopting practicing some effective morning habits such as reading and listening to tapes and articles that boost your day’s expectations and engaging in mental and physical exercises that gear up your body for the new day.

For me, listening to soft music with inspiring lyrics puts me on the positive track for the new day. Now, find out what suits you and start practicing.

Stack Your Brain with Books, Audio and Videos that Boost Positivity

Whatever you feed your mind with, is what your brain will absorb and whatever your brain releases, is what your body will respond to .


So, when you feed your mind with everything positive, your brain, and your body will react positively, vice versa. We have so many soul lifting, positive books, videos, audios and podcasts scattered all over the world today; thanks to the internet for making the availability effortless.

You can access them in the comfort of your room with just your Smartphone; read and practice the guidelines and you’ll be amazed at how positive your lifestyle will become .

Mind Your Tongue

Your choice of language has a way of influencing your attitude. Changes in your word pick can change the way you think and act.

Remember, your body also pays crucial attention to your tongue, it responds actively according to your speech.

When speaking, be cautious. Mind what your mind produces, listen to that sentence before you voice it out. Minimize your use of vulgar words and you’ll be amazed how positive you’ll be as time goes on.

Be Appreciative

When you appreciate people for what they have done for you, or for what they have achieved, you begin to build an aura of positivity around you.

Receiving good compliments and accolades from people makes you feel great right? Well, if you want more of it, start giving it out! Be Appreciative.


Mind Your Mind

Just like your tongue, pay attention to your mind because this is where everything happens. Be very conscious of your mind to ward off negative thoughts; I know, this is very hard to do but start it today.

Always be ready to press the pause button whenever those dirty thoughts come to your mind.

You can do this by distracting yourself for a while; maybe, you can see a movie, take a walk, or sing your favourite song. Just do anything to escape that trap of thinking negatively

Be Grateful

Always recognize your little victories and be grateful for them.


When someone gifts you something, even as little as the gift can be, say ‘thank you’ with a cheerful smile. It will motivate the person to do more.

Develop a Peaceful Environment

Peace is a positive phenomenon right?


Yes, if you want to live a positive lifestyle you have to crave and work on maintain the atmosphere of peace between YOU and YOURSELF, your relatives, friends, colleagues, in fact, everyone who comes around you. Don’t be a warlord.

Replace Obstacle with a Lesson

Deal with obstacles, don’t run from them. You have to develop the inner consciousness that every obstacle on your way makes a way for new lessons when you face and tackle it.

Believe in Your Bright Future

Have you ever visualized how beautiful and bright your future can be?


Well, if you haven’t, you can start now to see and confess how promising your future can be. Remember, what you see and confess will automatically begin to work out in your life.

Don’t Complain

No one ever wants to relate with a complainer; don’t be one.


Instead of complaining, deal with the issue at hand, find ways in which you can solve the problem and move on. However, if it is beyond your control, consult someone who can help you resolve the matter but, DON’T COMPLAIN.

Mingle with Positive People

This is where all these lies; you cannot develop and practice the above-listed tips if you choose to mingle with individuals who always your mind with negativity.


Friendship is not a do-or-die affair; friendship is based on choice so make yours today. Reach out for people who are of the same positive mindset with you, follow and engage with them actively. Remember, a positive attitude is contagious.

In Conclusion

“Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.”

— Harvey Mackay

Let’s end it here, start now to practice those tips and bet me, you’ll never regret you did.

Thanks for coming this far with me, I’ll like to know which tip you’ll likely start within the comment box below, you can add more tips as well. Don’t forget to subscribe and share my blog!

See you in a bit.

Lucia’s Story- Complete Story

Like a bombshell, the news blasted into my ears. Truly, I saw it coming but I never took it seriously. I knew she would come this far. How I wish I was there to stop her from taking that dangerous step. This is indeed a disaster! Real disaster!!

Ifenyinwa, my only sister, who broke the bad news, yelled sorrowfully gnashing her teeth and rolling on the floor as if; her dance of sorrow will bring Lucia, her best friend, and my classmate back to life. I dumped the book that once dwelt on my hands and gazed into space .

The memories flooded back in million scenes. I could remember vividly the first day we met. It was Lucia’s first day in school. I guess that day will be one of the most horrible days in her entire life because my classmates and I, mocked her throughout that entire day.

We made everything she did a subject of laughter; Ike, the class bully, said her voice sounded like that of a cat. Henry whispered loudly calling her a beautiful black owl; I compared her ear with that of an African Elephant. Okoro, the big-headed class dummy said she walked like a wounded zombie.

This was the last straw that broke Camel’s back. Lucia began to weep like a little child; everyone felt pity for her except for those wicked souls with no conscience in them who called themselves ‘the class big boys’; we had to stop the mockery. Days later, the memories of her, crying profusely on her seat kept coming into my head, my conscience kept hunting me, I had no other option than to apologize. To my utmost surprise, she accepted my apology and then, we became friends.

Lucia was very kind to me irrespective of the fact that I made her first day at school awful; we began to hang around like real pals. I came to love her very much and did everything to be by her side. We read together, played together, and attended social outings together.

Ifenyinwa liked her as well, and with time, they became inseparable gossip mates. Most of the time, she would prefer hanging out with her (Ifenyinwa) and that made me jealous. However, I let the sleeping dog lie, it’s not like she’ll snatch Lucia from me.

Later on, Lucia’s attitude drastically changed. The once beautiful, ever-smiling young lady turned into a timid, sorrowful pale-looking girl. A glance at her face will tell you that she is battling with something. Every little thing made her angry.

One day, I confronted her and she treated me like an outcast. She told me point black that I could not help her out of her current situation and therefore there was no point telling me. I refused to backslide; I went further to ask her what was wrong, promising her that I’ll help her, but every attempt to discover her plight proved futile.

I confided in my sister who agreed to try her luck in getting the truth out of her mouth. Ifenyinwa approached her at school but she kept mute and never opened up, all she did was to cry. On returning, from my football training the next day, I met Ifenyinwa at my room’s doorpost.

“I have something to tell you!” She panted. Lucia popped into my head immediately.

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“Lucia came here! She told me everything.” Then, she started narrating all that she told her.

Lucia revealed that the man who was supposed to be her father was sexually abusing her. She said, the first day he tried it, she had shouted and screamed for help but none came.

Everyone in the house seemed to be ignorant of what was going on. She even went further to threaten her father by telling her mum but he wasn’t perturbed. She narrated that the next morning she fearlessly opened up to her mum who seems to be nonchalant about it.

“All men are promiscuous” She had said and continued what she was doing. Lucia was stunned, she couldn’t believe it.

“Mum! Is that all you could say? I mean Dad, your husband raped me and all you could say is ‘men are promiscuous’. Lucia cried out in confusion and dismay .

“He raped you and so what! Is he not your father?” Lucia’s mum fired back.

“I can’t believe this!” Lucia uttered and left .

It didn’t end there, the barbaric act continued. Lucia told her immediate senior sister Lora, who was so flabbergasted when she heard it. She confronted her mum and mum’s reaction pierced their marrows.

“Let her go to hell and complain to her prostitute of a mother who left her suffer and die. That man whom she claims is raping her saved her life and that doesn’t make him her father!” She uttered outrageously.

Lucia was speechless. She was nowhere in the family picture. She felt her whole world crashing upon her little head. She wept bitterly that fateful day, but who could hear her cry?

Lora did not stop there, she confronted her dad and he threatened to put an end to her education if she refuses to let the sleeping dog lie. Afterwards, she went back to school and Lucia had no one to confide in again except Ifenyinwa and me.

We had to tell our parents right away. They pitied her but said that they’ll not interfere in a family matter that doesn’t concern them. I begged my dad and thereafter, he reported the matter to the police after he had spoken with him; unluckily for us, the table turned against us.

Instead of arresting Mr.Okoro, Lucia’s supposed dad; the police arrested my father on his (Mr. Okoro’s) orders. My dad spent two weeks in jail for a crime he knew nothing about.

When he was released, he warned us intensely never to involve in anything that has to do with Lucia again. Out of fear, my sister backed out, but I never did.

Lucia and I reported to the school authorities who promised to look into the matter. They told us they would invite Mr. Okoro but they never did. We confronted them again and they cautioned us fiercely and ordered us out of the office.

We weren’t discouraged, weeks later, Lucia and I approached her local pastor. We told him everything from beginning to end and he was shocked because Mr. Okoro was one of the respected elders in the church. He told us to keep the matter secret that something will be done immediately. We waited for weeks but nothing happened.

We met with him again and he said “Only God can vindicate the innocent. Only He can punish also.” And that ended it. I was infuriated.

We lashed him verbally and he accused us of insulting him. Afterwards, he ordered us out of his office.Days later, Lucia told my sister that her supposed father had put her in a family way. My ears twitched when I heard it.

After that day, nobody saw her in school again, I called her countless times but it was switched off. We couldn’t go to her house because her father restricted us. It was during our exam period so I could not concentrate.

Today, I instructed my sister and told her to hang around her house to see if there will be a glimpse of her. She refused at first but after much pleading, she agreed. She left and in not less than five minutes she returned with the bad news.

“….I saw people gathered… they said she killed herself. Lucia committed suicide.

Just before attempting suicide, Lucia spoke and those who listened could not save her. However, I will prove to the whole world that even the dead can get the justice they deserve. I don’t know how, but I will get justice for Lucia.

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Welcome to my blog

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